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Weapons Testing

Recently, a writer I know asked me to join them on a trip to the range to test a firearm a manufacturer had sent for review.  However, some issues that came up that resulted in no review being posted by me.

If you have a firearm (or edged weapon) you would like tested, feel free to contact me provided you want an honest (and most likely polite and professional) review.  I can and will review it, and can arrange for some others who also know a thing or two about weapons to join in the fun -- which means reviews on multiple sites even.  Understand that it will be a fair and honest review, and if something doesn't work the way the reviewers think it should, it will be noted -- most likely with a knowledgeable suggestion for a fix.  Understand that neither I nor anyone else involved is your market rep, and that  you do not and will not have editorial control over the review.  Also understand that we don't currently have ready access to a 1,000 yard/meter range; but, for the right weapon we will try to find a way to get such. 

Just a thought to share...