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Michael Yon and his lying source

The Obligatory Thank You

I was asked by the Bloomberg folks to read this piece about thanking our service men and women for their service.  Personally, I disagree with much of it.  Sometimes a "thank you" is just that, a thank you.  And today's climate of thanking the military sure beats the hell out of the military disdaining climates from the past.  Here's a taste:

...One former captain I know proposed that “thank you for your service” has become “an obligatory salutation.” Dutifully offered by strangers, “somewhere between an afterthought and heartfelt appreciation,” it is gratifying but also embarrassing to a soldier with a strong sense of modesty and professionalism. “People thank me for my service,” another officer noted, “but they don’t really know what I’ve done.”...

I understand that part - especially, since the the miliary espouses selfless service...

But rest of it is about obligatory thank yous and absolving guilt.  Read it and let me know what you think.  Some of the comments are really good.