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LIVE Blogging from Legion Convention- President's Speech

So That's How It's Gonna Be....

Another middle finger "you're number 1" salute from an administration that can't be bothered to stop playing golf and that never cared about us veterans anyway.  Nobody I know is voting for this cat, so it is probably a good thing he and his administration officials stayed in D.C. anyway.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars convention this week will not feature a top-tier official from the Obama administration, a breach in tradition that the group’s commander described as an “insult of the highest magnitude.”

However, an administration official claimed Monday that the White House made “every effort” to provide a speaker for the event, offering up a range of top officials.

“In all instances, the VFW declined those offers,” the official said.

So, we are down to debating the definition of "top official" I guess.  I would define that as "someone who sits at the meeting table when the President holds Cabinet meetings."  My bet is that the Administration tried to send the Assistant Executive Undersecretary for Domestic Transportation Affairs in order to ensure that the President whose style of "leading from the rear" wouldn't have to plant his rear end in his seat on Air Force One and fly out there to talk to a bunch of people that really don't like his John Brown hindparts in the first place.  He, of course, has a date with those super important people that keep this country free and safe, like the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, La Raza, and attending 35,000 dollar and plate fundraisers in the vain hope of actually being re-elected.

Of course the VFW declined to have someone from the very back row of the room who can barely qualify to sit in on a presidential briefing, let alone speak at one, come and address their convention.  Despite this president's complete lack of respect for those that protect our freedom, and the freedom of others around the world, the VFW still salutes the office and have some expectation that the man who is at the top of the food chain (militarily speaking) would visit, or send someone of importance (SECDEF, Under SECDEF, DVA Head, CIA Director etc.) and bestow upon them some kind words and thank them for their service to this great nation.

The OinC found time in 2009 to address them VFW, and the VP, Mr. Gaffetastic, found time to do it in 2010.  Now, they are both not very gifted speakers (the OinC can't go anywhere and speak without someone writing it down for him and if you hadn't noticed, Mr. Gaffetastic has athlete's tongue from how much his foot has been in his mouth), but perhaps they could throw something up on the prompter that talks about respect for their service, the burdens they have borne for their friends and their country, and how the nation is free and great because of their service.

You know, just read the words on the screen and act interested.  Maybe a little something like that, if they can be bothered to do it.  I think it might be the least you can do for the people that made your freedom possible through their blood, sweat and tears.

But if you can't be bothered, or you think that is too much to ask, then shove off, and we will meet again in November of 2012.