Questions Raised Regarding Wisdom of SEAL Mission
JD Johannes doesn't write for the New Yorker

Obama campaigns on dead SEALs

Obama-attends-dignified-transfer-30-20110809-171856-479 In case you wondered, of course Barry O is trying to use the deaths of the SEALs and air crew in Afghanistan for his own aggrandizement. Even though most of the families specifically requested no media coverage of the return of the remains of the fallen, that doesn't apply to the campaign staff WH photographer. So we get a pic of Barry trying his damndest to look like a leader.

Anyone with an dime's worth of decency would have known better than to use such an event, but that is simply part of Obama's lack of character. He couldn't just attend, he had to make sure that all the voting public knew he was there. It is sad to watch such a complete tool use the military, and worse our war dead, to attempt to create an image of a serious Commander in Chief. I don't doubt that on some level Obama cares about the dead troops, but just a whole lot less than he cares about himself. His spokestool used this collection of sorry lies to fail miserably in justifying the pitiful self-promotion.

"The White House routinely releases photos taken by the White House photographers in specific circumstances where it would be inappropriate to include members of the media," Carney said. "In this case, the White House released the photo, in the interests of transparency, so that the American people could have as much insight as possible into this historic and sobering event."

Shut up Jackass! No sentient being believes that one of the least transparent administrations in our history was making sure we had insight. This was another pathetic example of our Campaigner in Chief doing the only thing he is even marginally competent at, promoting himself. I didn't believe it was possible for Obama to debase himself and show his complete self-absorption any more than he already had. I was wrong.