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Legion, Day Two

BallgameWell, here we are on Day 2 of our visit to the Twin Cities for the Legion Convention.  Last night, we had an opportunity to attend a Twins baseball game.  It was one gorgeous night out, weather-wise.  And given that the team is not exactly 'in contention' for any playoff spot, the attendance was fairly large.  We snagged some tickets and headed into the oxygen-deprived rows at the very top and rear of the stadium.  While we were enjoying the game, fellow blogger TSO found one of his friends in the owners box, adjacent to the stands where we were.  So, you can kinda guess where we actually ended up for most of the game.  Let me just say- owning a major league team gives you some pretty good spifs in your box... the pic above is the view from the rail. 

Today, we are scheduled to do some shootin' and rowdyin' someplace nearby; a fellow compatriot has graciously set up a time at a range nearby- now, we just have to get a way TO the range.  Fellow blogger and logistician Jonn from the TAH team supposedly has this rose pinned on him.  
Today, I'm blogging from the spot at the convention, where we are meeting Legionnaires and generally making contact with everyone we can.  We are also reviewing the schedule that's coming up- and this week is pretty packed with guests.  From Sen Al Franken, Rep Nancy 'SanFranNan' Pelosi, to President Obama, there is a litany of folks heading in.  LTG Jack Stultz, a GO friend from back in Baghdad and Kuwait, will be addressing, as is Hon Shinseki, who seems to follow us from year to year wherever the convention is located.  Another good speaker scheduled is Adm. Gary Bonelli, DepCdr of Special Warfare Command.  Not sure what, exactly, he'd be allowed to talk about.  Also, and this is Jonn's fave, Teresa Scanlan, our current Miss America, will be here as well.

Ed Morrisey, he of Hot Air fame, is tenatively scheduled to join us on the floor of the Convention Center on Tuesday.  We'll be blogging live the whole week there.

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