Obama campaigns on dead SEALs
Revenge & Politics around the Helo Shootdown

JD Johannes doesn't write for the New Yorker

Because he is not a tool for the administration to push its PR. Outside the Wire in Afghanistan.

"Hi, my name is Brad," he said shaking my hand.

His smile and eyes were warm and friendly, more president of a small city Rotary Club than the highly trained, extremely experienced and very lethal man I knew he was.  He was a Navy SEAL team leader.

Unlike the guy who wrote the New Yorker piece a week ago, I actually went on a mission in Afghanistan with the gentlemen I'm writing about.....
"You have been around so you know the rules right?" Brad asked, with the same friendly demeanor.

"Yeah, just keep the lens off you guys.  I shoot on tape so if I get you by accident we can go back, look at it and record some black over it."

Brad looked at the other two as if to say, 'that was easy.'

"Great to meet you, JD, we'll see you out there.  It will be a good time."

I headed back to my platoon and made sure to keep my camera pointed in the opposite direction of them.

There has been a lot of chatter and info being put out about the SEALs, go to JD's site and see how a professional acts around and writes about professionals.