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Guerena Family Sues Pima County

This Aint Hell has the story on the widow of Jose Guerena, the Marine shot down by the crack Pima SWAT team, and the suit filed against various agencies in Pima County.

I haven't written about this in a while for several reasons, the major one being that TAH has been the go-to site with an extensive archive of stories.  When you have people on the ground actually going to the house and documenting things, there's no point in doing much more than pointing to the A-team. 

That said, and noting that I am just a civilian, I will reiterate my earlier position that an outside investigation is needed as the case stinks to high heaven.  Remember, this is Sheriff Doofenshmirtz of Rep. Giffords "fame", and I have, IMO, no reason to trust a thing that comes from him or his office.  There is reason to doubt in this case, based off numerous witness statements, the evidence at the scene and even the comments made by officers and lawyers involved.

The raid appears to have been pure amateur hour, and while I am a civilian I've also been fortunate enough to have been with some of the pros from Dover on real raids -- and even I know better than to have my finger on the boom button when hitting the door and am not stupid enough to stop in the door, unlike Doofenshmirtz's crack team.  My opinion is that the same applies to the intel gathering and execution.  Yes, Jose's brother apparently is not as stand up as his Marine brother, and that is what got him investigated -- but it should have been a real investigation and not the cluster that was the raid.  Add in that there is some legitimate concern that the crack team let Jose bleed out rather than get treated, and, well... 

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Sheriff Doofenshmirtz:  If you really thought you were going to be able to bury this along with Jose Guerena, think again.  The spotlight will be kept on for as long as it takes a real investigation to take place, and justice to be done.  As for me, I tip my hat to the outstanding work done at TAH on this case.