A Legion Weekend- Hillbilly Hunt Club
The U.S. Marines' Buffalo

Everyone loves a parade!

 One of the highlights of every Legion convention is the parade.  This year in Minneapolis was no exception! 

We had gorgeous weather- just cloudy enough to keep the bright sun away, and temps in the mid-70's.  Cant ask for much better.  After scouting out a good location along the route (a yearly task) we settled on, what else, an Irish-style pub called The Local.  Outstanding food, great drinks, and prime parade-view location.  What's not to like?

The parade was led by the Minnisota Corvair Club- which was especially fun since my very first car was a 1965 Corvair 140 (all you 'Vair phreaks will know what that means):


On of the highlights we saw was this adorable little girl who would run up and watch the parade- her name was Keira:


She seemed pretty enthusiastic about it all, and got waves from everyone in the parade, too!  Here's the video:

Yours truly marched with the usual gang from China Post #1 (of which Matt, Jimbo and I are all members).  No faces to protect the innocent and prevent the guilty from running:


Here's a few other videos from the parade- from the 'Vairs, to the Legion Ride for Recovery bikes (an AMAZING feat, and I'll have more on them later- its facinating) and one bizarro bike: made from the front end of an old Olds Toronado with a 455 engine in it..