POTUS at the American Legion's National Convention
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Back at it again! Legion in the Twin Cities: Minneapolis

6a00d8341bfadb53ef0120a56ff92a970c-800wi Here I am again- joining the American Legion at their national convention, this time from Minneapolis! 

Yeah, you're right- I've not posted up much in some time, and there is a good reason for it, which I'll get into later.  But for now, I'm going to be covering the Convention as in the past with my good friend MOTHAX from the Legion blog- and joining us here this year is Jonn from our buds at the farm team, ThisAintHell (TAH (c))  We have some cool stuff set up this year, including some distinguished guests exptected- to include the first visit by our CiC- President Obama.  Given the hurricane prep that's going on, we'll see if he's able to keep his visit schedule.

This year, unlike last, I'm not able to join the Legion Ride going into the convention.  Since I'm working from Tampa, going from Tampa to Indianapolis, then the long ride into Minneapolis, THEN BACK to Tampa, would have been far too much to do all at once.  I'm not going to complain too much tho- word is from the riders is that they had 4 days of rain along the ride.  THAT part I would not mind missing...  But take a look at the link and see what a ride they had!

MOTHAX, Jonn and I will cover stories and events thru the next week.  I'll post videos and pictures, and links to other events as they happen.  During the key event speeches, I'll even live-post (is there such a thing?  As opposed to live-blogging) directly from the floor.  We have a lot to cover.  B5 has graciously added a heading where you can find posts related to the Legion over in the sidebar- so be sure to stop by often.

Let us know if any of you are in Minny. We'll be here all week...


ps...oh, and for the post below- I'm 75% crazy, so B5 isn't quoting me...yet