Legion, Day Two
Everyone loves a parade!

A Legion Weekend- Hillbilly Hunt Club

It's been a typical weekend here, except for a couple of very special events- a 'range day' and a parade day.

On Saturday, one of our commenters on here, Old Trooper, invited us down to a friends farm for some re-arranging of the local flora and fauna, using some typical 'hillbilly weaponry' they had collected.  This group, which calls themselves the 'Hillbilly Hunt Club' laid out some of the finest in can-killers you can imagine.  Over on TAH, Jonn has put up a few pics of the event.  Below, I'm going to post a few of the vids I took while we 'practiced'.

I can tell you this, it was well worth the time spent getting there and back.  The farm area was gorgeous (brought back memories of my upbringing) and the hosts were spectacular.  Just amazing people, all of them.  Jonn, TSO and I all agreed it was something we wished we had all weekend to do. 

First up:  describing one of the unusual rounds we fired:

 Next up, after laying out all the hardware, I had them explain what was there to us, and go thru each one individually.  Amazing stuff, all of it:

 Then, the next group of hardware:

Then, a little demo of some firepower- and some rock n' rollin':

Out of all of them, being able to fire some of the old Soviet-era stuff was most fun.  I got to fire the XD-M as well, which is something I've been considering purchasing; my Glock 9-19 is fine, but the XD has a pretty good rep.  I'd also like to pick up a Sig-Sauer similar to ones carried by PSD-types over in the box.  The Mosine-Nagant was an interesting one, as it had a trigger pull longer than my arm and a heck of a kick to it, but you could see how it would be effective.  Also, the PSL was a kicker too- it had a Romanian scope on it that had an excellent view on it, but the scope 'grid' was nearly impossible to decipher- No matter how I fired it, I could not figure out which was the 'reticle' you used to place on your target.  It would take me a little more practice with it to master it.  But loved firing it.

Oh, and that barn you see?  Good thing that was there- it proved that TSO could hit the broadside of one from the OUTSIDE- even if it was just with a manually-thrown clay pidgeon disc. 

Again, thanks to all you guys- we had a blast!