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SFC Leroy Petry - Photos and MOH Citation

WLF Machine Gunning

Here is a quick preview of some of the action from a great day shooting at the the Warrior Legacy Foundation Wounded Heroes Shoot II up in Anson, Maine. We took about a dozen woundet vets out for a day of reconnecting with the kind of weapons they used while serving. First is the range owner Andy Williams laying some scunion down w/ his dual PKM mount, then some of the wounded guys making watermelons full of tannite go boom, and then me running a mag through an MP5. Just for grins you know, this was not about fire control.

The motorcycle ride went great on Saturday and all in all it was a great weekend.All of these folks helped make sure the vets this program serves get the assistancve they have truly earned.  Maine is gorgeous this time of year and best of all it's not DC.