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TSA And Amputees

I am going to sit on what I would like to say right now, so as to focus on a much more important question:

If you are an amputee, have the TSA procedures changed of late and what have your experiences been with that agency? 

This is an honest question and answers are needed.  Why?  Go read this appalling account of a despicable incident with TSA.  If accurate, and it does seem to be, my utter contempt for those involved is boundless, as the actions described go better with members of the Stasi, Basij, and Einsatzgruppen than with anything remotely connected to American law enforcement. If accurate, every TSA agent at the airport, starting with the commander, needs to be sacked.  Period. F*****G. Dot. There is no excuse to cover, and no amount of retraining will alleviate the problem. 

If this is happening to our troops, it needs to come out now -- and be dealt with immediately.  Please do spread the word, and use the comments to describe problems -- and kudos where deserved -- going through TSA with missing limbs and/or prosthetics.  If you have had to have your liner done in a similar manner, please let us know as that is very dangerous. 


Yes, the story is a year old.  The questions it raises still remain and need some answers.