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Tomorrow Today is the Last Day for Valour-IT

First, I want you to see what your donations do.  They put adaptive technology to use for troops that might otherwise be disconnected from their families, friends and brothers back in the war zone.  I've seen it happen more than once when a wounded soldier or Marine gets on the laptop for the first time and lets his team in the war zone know that he's okay...

This is where your hard earned money goes as of today July 13th (BAMC):

Valour-it002 Valour-it003

Those men above are the very reason why this program exists.  I wish it didn't have to exist, but there is a need, and where there is a need, Soldiers' Angels will do their best to fill it.  Soldiers Angels Project Valour-IT has provided over SIX THOUSAND adaptive laptops to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

I don't even care if you join Team Marines, just join a team and help support these guys.  We have over 138 requests right now that we cannot fill. 

Stealing from Laughing Wolf:

I'm going to let you read Chuck's post on this to get his perspective.

Yes, things are being done at a different time and in a little bit of a different way this year, but this is  for the Valour-IT campaign.  Those of you who are long-time readers know what this means, but for those of you who don't:

Imagine waking up in pain, foggy, hazy, not sure what has happened.  You don't just want to know how your buddies are, you HAVE to know.  What the enemy hasn't gotten, the medics may have as all those tubes and monitors have to attach somewhere.  You want to check on your buddies, you want to talk to family, and you want to do it now.  Phones may or may not be available, and you are very much used to getting on your computer and using it to communicate. But, that requires use of your arms and hands, and that can be quite a problem when you've been wounded.

Valour-IT makes the difference.  The laptops from this program are loaded with special software that allows the recipient to use their voice to do things on the computer.  From staying in touch with with their unit and family, to dealing with paperwork online, it makes it possible to do.  That can and does make a tremendous difference in the life of a wounded troop. 


I've had the honor to present some of these laptops, and to hear first hand of the difference they can make.  They return a measure of independence during a time of great dependence on others. 

Let's honor their service and ours by helping give independence to those who have paid the blood price for liberty and freedom.  Dig deep, dig hard, and spread the word.  Let's make this a real independence day.