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The Free Bradley Manning Chair at Army War College

UPDATE: Matty O asked about the Manning Chair "Is it electric?"

Really guys? This is who you want to represent Omar Freaking Bradley?

P. J. Crowley resigned as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs in March 2011 after he said that alleged Department of Defense mistreatment of Bradley Manning was, “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid.” But Crowley didn’t have to wait long until he got another job. The U.S. Army War College announced that Crowley is the recipient of the 2011-2012 General-of-the-Army Omar N. Bradley Chair. The press release describes the Chair as, “a joint initiative among the U.S. Army War College, Dickinson College and Penn State University Dickinson School of Law and School of International Affairs.”

I realize that there is a need to reach out and connect across cultural and organizational boundaries, but c'mon. This is an insult to Bradley and to any sentient being. There are hundreds of more deserving PR flacks or even journalists who have not slimed our military. Well maybe not that many, but why this twit? Is it some sort of institutional penance to atone for the horrific treatment of the other twit who as you may recall tried and somewhat succeeded in harming our national security?

I guess maybe the Army WAR College feels its name is too belligerent and they should be more collegial like the left wing buttheads who run the vast majority of academia. Apparently they were overloaded on knuckle-dragging, war-mongering neanderthals and needed to add a Code Pink fellow traveler. What a pitiful disgrace.