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RangerUp Needs You (in Chicago)

Tonight, RangerUp (with Nick and Tim Kennedy) are hosting a segment of a new show being developed by the Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers producers.  The show is about young Americans wanting to join the military and meeting some of the people that have served in it.  It's a cool concept when you think about having the Rangers and an SF Soldier like Tim meeting a recruit.

If you are a veteran in Chicago and want to come out and support RangerUp and the military, here are the details:

    Date:          Today, July, 28, 2011

    Time:          2200 [10pm]

    Location:     Chicago Marriott North West
                        4800 Hoffman Blvd
                        HOFFMAN ESTATES (NW suburbs, not Chicago)

    Attire:          Please wear clothes

Help us out and let people know through Facebook, Twitter, and any other means at your disposal.  Please join us (I'm going to try to be there, too), as It's going to be a very good time.
Update:  Been asked about the attire comment.  It was intended for Rangers and Rugby players.  B5 out.