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Obama's next counterterror chief a lawyer

A little more lawfare anyone?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's next counterterrorism chief is Matthew Olsen, the top lawyer for the National Security Agency and a former prosecutor who has extensive experience in intelligence affairs, an administration official told The Associated Press on Friday.

Well that is pretty much par for the course eh? This administration has always believed that terrorism is a law enforcement function and having a lawyer run the counterterror show is right in tune. Perhaps we can kick start our subpoena capabilities. The only thing that messes with my head in the whole jelly roll is how they manage to stop the cognitive dissonance between treating captured terrorists like OJ Simpson and yet shoving Hellfire missiles down the throats of guys we haven't even charged with crimes. If we screw up and accidentally catch a bad guy alive, then he gets the ghost of Johnny Cochran to represent him and the protections of our legal system in full. If we happen to see him with the eagle eye of a drone in the hinterlands of more than six countries now, he gets blown back into his component molecules. I mean I like that outcome, but WTF? Even I question the coherence of that as US policy and would have a hard time defending it.

When we found out that the Obama team is literally clueless about what to do with the rat bastards who fall into our clutches there was some proper discussion in our comments with the Drill Sgt saying that if we are going to play catch and release then maybe we should be fishing with grenades instead, which is essentially what drone busting is. Instead we act like this is a Bassbusters tournament and throw them in the live well before we toss them back. We all know why this is a problem. O and Holder and the rest of the left howled, wailed and gnashed their teeth about the horror of Gitmo and the way America had lost our moral leadership. But it wasn't W who has made whacking them extra-judicially a full time job. He was scarfing them up and giving them a good washing before sending them to Cuba to fatten them up.

So I am curious how the whole guacamole is gonna be wrapped up. Is the new guy gonna join in the "Stack the dead tangos like cordwood, 'cuz we can't capture, interrogate and exploit them"? Or is he gonna be the voice of lawyerly reason? Hell I don't know and the Obama incoherence is simply likely to continue. Awesome.