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Law School Breaks Law...Say What?


Our good friend TSO has a post up at The Burnpit regarding Seattle University's School of Law.

Only, they seem to only be interested in their own law.  Not the one of say, the Federal Gov't or the Constitution.

 “Passionate about issues facing veterans in our community? Interested in educating active service members about their rights? Looking for a concrete way to support the men and women who join the military? “The training covers rights and resources for active service members and their families such as types of discharges (Conscientious Objector, Hardship, etc), Family Plans (for caring for children while service members are deployed), and Court Martial and AWOL procedures.”

Reading this passage, one would think this would be a veterans assistance group, although more in line with IAVA than say, VFW or Legion.  But you'd be VERY wrong- they are more into finding ways to get you OUT of the military, and/or protest the military, than in helping veterans out of any particular situation.  It's disgusting.

TSO goes into lawyerly detail both at Burnpit, as well as over at our farm team site,  Check it out, then lets chuck the SMDC out of Seattle Law School...