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Hussein strikes out

It was racist (or something) to mention Barry O's middle name before he became President, then he decided that it was an asset that would lead the Middle East to join his cult of personality. Yeah, not so much.

Most surprisingly, Obama’s approval ratings are even lower than President Bush’s before he left office in 2008. They dropped from 26 percent to 12 percent in Morocco, 9 percent to 5 percent in Egypt, 16 percent to 10 percent in Jordan and 22 percent to 12 percent in the UAE (though they did improve in Saudi Arabia, and tick up slightly in Lebanon).

The problem for Obama is that he believed his own press releases, and who could blame him. They were repeated and often written by the major organs of the media. His echo chamber resounded with cries of how the lightbringer would heal Gaia, feed the hungry, make the oceans recede and cause all men to live in peace with the milk of human kindness flowing through their veins. Then he took the oath and found out just how much clout the NY Times and MSNBC have in the Arab world. They can be as tingly and fawning as they want and help him avoid any need to face tough issues, they just can't make tough issues go away.

What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men. Oops sorry, having a moment with one of my favorite movies there. But Obama doesn't just have a failure to communicate, he has a failure to have anything to communicate. He has no message beyond "Love me, and do what I say" Well how is that working out for you Big Shooter? Not so good? Well maybe its because the vast majority of the Muslims you want to love you live in tribal and honor cultures and they only respect the strong horse. So you ain't from their tribe and you damn sure ain't the strong horse.

So it should surprise no one that he trails the hated cowboy W because say what you want about him, he would kick your ass if you crossed him. Does anyone think Obama generates the same level of respect from anyone other than Chris Matthews? He even managed to screw up a poker quote when petulantly stomping out of the budget negotiations telling Eric Cantor "Don't call my bluff". Really Barry? Anyone with 10 cents worth of poker savvy knows you don't announce you are bluffing, but hey nobody has mistaken you for Amarillo Slim.

Obama is a mark and all the major players know it. The Chinese have him kow towing, well so does just about any other tinpot dictator, and the Euros can get him to give them our military to play with. If he doesn't get rolled in this debt limit mud wrestling match the Repubs should be ashamed. We have a boy in a man's job, and a bitchy little whiny boy at that. O has skated through his academic and professional life unchallenged and unaccomplished. We are currently watching that bite him in the ass. I only take pleasure in it to the extent it means we can watch him pack his bags and join Jimmy Carter in a rocking chair on the "Porch of Disgraced ex-Presidents" Anyone w/ a Pulse 2012.