Thank you, General Petraeus!
Thrill seeking? Or just a return to being a young man?


I am sure that many of you have been wondering what in the world I actually do for a living (or not). Well I mean aside from opining on national security here at B5. For the past year I have been working with a small software company that has an amazing new cybersecurity technology. The firm is iPhase3 and the product, Concert, is brand new with a pile of patents filed.

Last Friday my two worlds converged as I was attending the AFCEA Cybersecurity Symposium here in DC for my day job. There were close to 1,000 folks in a giant ballroom listening to the latest and greatest from the folks tasked with keeping our military and intelligence info safe. At my table of eight was a gentleman who works for an agency with some serious secrets and he also happened to be a BLACKFIVE reader. We discussed the B5 commentariat, who he was favorably impressed with, so pat yourselves on the back there. But we also talked about iPhase3 and how we go about allowing people to control their important digital information.

That led me to thinking about the numerous folks in our audience who work in DoD or other government agencies. We will be signing our first contract in the next few weeks to deliver content security for a major agency and when the ink is dry I will trumpet it here. But the bottom line is that our technology can allow the owners of digital content to share it without losing control of it. They can set rules about what other users can do with it i.e. can they copy/paste, forward, print or export, and every interaction by anyone with the content goes in an audit log. We do this by encrypting every single piece of content (email, document, photo) individually and baking the rules right into the encryption.

This allows folks to share their information to collaborate but also ensure that those who see it can't steal or misuse it. Yes this would have had a major ability to stop Bradley Manning from WikiLeaking secrets all over the internets. So if you work in this field or for an organization concerned with keeping sensitive info out of the wrong hands, let me know. I love talking about this because right now we have the only solution that actually controls the data not just who can get on your network. We can deal with malicious insiders like those who ripped off 24,000 files from DoD recently. You can use my jimbo at unclejimbo dot com address as I don't want to put my work email up here for the Russian spammers. Thanks in advance to any and all who can point me at those with cybersecurity responsibilities in their organizations.