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Commies March Against Libyan Kinetic Military Action

2011 Jul 09_4259a

ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), the front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party, held their "Stop Bombing Libya!"anti-war demonstration last Saturday, July 9th, on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the back of the White House. The ANSWER commies have organized all the giant anti-war demonstrations in DC, filling the parks and streets of DC with as many as fifty thousand marchers, then claiming half a million.  ANSWER always inflates its numbers by ten and the media happily accepts it.

ANSWER had high hopes for this demonstration because it organized buses from seven different east coast cities to deliver masses of protestors to the back of the White House for only ten bucks a ticket.

  2011 Jul 09_4084

Alas, their hopes were dashed.  Only about two hundred of the usual suspects showed up, a far cry from their glory days.  Pennsylvania Avenue was mostly empty, as you can see above.

ANSWER helpfully explained in years past that it cost anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 to pitch a large demonstration.  There was quite a bit of impedimenta that needed to be rented like stages, generators, sound systems, porta pottys, etc.  There were signs to be designed, printed, and stuck on sticks.  It all added up.

So the question was where did ANSWER get its money?  They never said, unlike other protest groups.  One congressional investigator said that no large radical group in the US funds itself from domestic donations.  If they're big, they have foreign backers.

It looks like ANSWER lost its sugar daddy in 2007, when it pitched its last big demonstration.  That was an odd time for ANSWER to stop, since the wars were still cooking and Bush was still in office.  Some curious investigative journalist might find a story in tracking down ANSWER's financial backers, if any were so inclined.  But they're not. 

2011 Jul 09_4087

I'd like to take this moment to laugh my ass off at Obama being protested by his lefty pals for waging war.  Whodathunk we'd see this day?  Oh, the irony!

They do have a point other than the one on top of their heads.  Libya is a stupid war fought by a stupid president in a stupid way.  We should never start a war we're not serious about finishing.  We should never start a war we can't stand to call a war.  A war by any other name, like "kinetic military action," is still a war.  Even if you fight it all from the air, it's still a war. 

However, we've started it, for better or worse, and need to take Kaddafy down.  If we don't, he'll take Libya back to being a one stop shop for terrorists around the world, just like it was back in the 1970s and 1980s when Kaddafy handed out Semtex plastic explosive to terrorists like it was candy bars.  We have the wolf by the ears.

 2011  Jul 09_4095

I heard a lot of foreign accents among the ANSWER protestors, who marched around in a circle.  I'd estimate half of them were foreigners and half were hard core home-grown lefty radicals.

 2011  Jul 09_4100

This guy is from the American Iranian Friendship Committee, which looks like an Iranian front group, though one apparently financed on a shoestring.

2011 Jul 09_4190

Mr. Natural was there.  Evidently, he was unaware of how Kaddafy bullies Libyans.  It always amazes me how blind the Left is to the bad behavior of their dictator pals.  I mean, really, who could be for Kaddafy other than one of his flunkies?


If you want to know what ANSWER is all about, watch this brief video.

2011 Jul 09_4193

The Nation of Islam guys were right in the middle of it all with a table full of literature that nobody touched.  I read their newsletter, "The Final Call," on the train ride home.  They want the US to give them their share of tax money and part of the US so they can set up their own separate state.  We might think about giving them California.  They can't screw it up any more than the white people have. 

Farrakhan addresses Kaddafi as Brother Leader in his media and evidently sees Libya as a Muslim country attacked by infidel white devils.  However, to be fair, the NOI guys were perfectly polite and welcoming to me.

2011 Jul 09_4156a

Brian Becker, Member of International A.N.S.W.E.R.’s steering committee and the Secretariat of the Workers World Party, gets a tongue bath from the media.  Becker is a serious commie who makes trips to Pyongyang to praise the worker's paradise there in North Korea.  These days he rules over a much diminished protest empire.

  2011  Jul 09_4249

The most glaring weakness of the ANSWER demonstration was the almost complete lack of protest babes.  Little Miss Lovely here was walking with one of the radicals for a minute and departed, so she might have just been a tourist passing by.

In fact, this demonstration was lacking many of the features we've come to expect in major anti-war demonstrations.  Where is Uncle Sam on stilts?  Where is the Grim Reaper?  Where is Dubya's head on a stick, the papier-mâché atom bombs, the flag-draped coffins?  Most of all, where are the giant puppets?  If you can't even get the giant puppets to show up, why should I take you seriously?

Really, it's like they just phoned this one in.

2011 Jul 09_4124a

Meanwhile, Concepcion Picciotto mans the anti-nuke protest in Lafayette Park she has maintained since 1981, thirty years.  I saw her for the first time during Bush the elder's administration.  Usually, she's a novelty for the tourists but today she was overshadowed by ANSWER and sadly neglected.

2011 Jul 09_4286a

There were perhaps fifty counter-protestors thanking NATO, the USA, and Obama for attacking Libya.  It looked like most of them were Libyan immigrants.  Almost all of them had Arabic accents.

Here are the pro-American Libyan counter-protestors at work.

2011  Jul 09_4138

Very often, when these protests get big, they get dangerous.  I've been to about a dozen big protests, been threatened often, and attacked twice.  I figure that's two attacks in about forty hours of protest time, the only time I've been attacked in my adult life.  I spent eight years in the military and nobody laid a hand on me in anger, yet one work week at "peace" protests and I'm assaulted twice.  The thing is that anti-war protestors aren't really against war and they're not peaceful.  They're for the other side and they'll beat you up if they get the chance.

However, there were plenty of cops and they did a good job of keeping the sides apart.

2011 Jul 09_4126

Here's one of the counter-protestors with the Libyan flag painted across his face.  While I applaud his enthusiasm, face-painters alarm me.

2011 Jul 09_4120a

Many of the Libyan women were too modest to be photographed, but not all.  It was entertaining to hear an American ANSWER protestor explain to the Libyan protestors why bombing Libya is bad.  The Libyans vehemently disagreed, saying who are you to tell us Libyans that we should not free ourselves of Kaddafy?  YOU'RE NOT EVEN LIBYAN! 

None of the ANSWER protestors seemed Libyan to me.  Lots of Africans from the heart of the continent, but no Libyans.

2011  Jul 09_4110

A counter-protestor holds up an image of Kaddafi which took a lot of abuse during the day, as it should.

2011 Jul 09_4114a

All too true.  Kaddafi's 'fro is a crime against humanity all its own self.

2011 Jul 09_4106a

You don't see pro-American protests very often in front of the White House.  Hope this is a trend.

2011 Jul 09_4262a

I'm pretty kinda maybe sure this might have been the blogger formerly known as Lt Smash.  He just blogged one too many of these demonstrations, I guess, and went native, burned out, fried.  I tried to talk to him but he just started babbling, asking "Is this America?"  It broke my heart to see him like this, four freaking years at Annapolis and a promising Naval career down the drain.  So I gave him twenty bucks and told him to get a hot meal.  I just hope he didn't pass a liquor store on the way to the restaurant.  For Pete's sake, snap out of it, Smash!

2011 Jul 09_4339

The best sign of the day.  Democracy, get some!