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Apologize? For What?

When the tragic events in Norway became known, many immediately leaped to the conclusion that Al Qaeda and their fellow travelers were involved.  Since then we've learned that he's either a Conservative, a Christian, a Darwinian, a Neo-Nazi or something else...but *whew* not a Muslim.

Rather than just be glad it "wasn't them"..some have decided instead to make the "rush to judgement" into its own issue...Islam is offended that the world said "J'accuse!" and (for once) it's not them.  So, they are hurt and the usual preening suspects demand that we apologize.  

The good news:  Several comentators have instead politely declined.  The National Review's Andy McCarthy concluding paragraph in his post today totally nails it (as usual).

We all have a duty to exercise caution if we are going to comment before the facts are fully known. We have no duty to apologize, however, for well founded suspicions and for recognizing the threat Islamism poses to life and to Western liberalism. Our obligation is to remain vigilant — responsibly vigilant, but vigilant nonetheless.

Please read Mr McCarthy's full post here:  http://www.nationalreview.com/blogs/print/272654.  I think he says here what many feel.