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Team Rubicon - Why We Do What We Do

Why Do I Love Blogging?

Because you get to do some interesting things, and you get to meet some amazing people. 

A few weeks ago in NYC for Blog World and New Media Expo, I met a blogger and got to talking with them.  Turns out, they had their own personal experience with TBI, and because of it had dug a bit into the situation facing troops with TBI.  This lady had fought back from her injuries, and done so in some interesting ways.  One way was doing a PT bootcamp done by a former SEAL, and she had decided to do it again to see if she could push herself even further.  We talked some more, and she made an interesting offer:  she didn't want to do it just for her, but wanted to do it in such a way as to help the troops, and so wondered if there would be a problem if she used it to raise money for Cooking with the Troops

There being no such problem, I am pleased to introduce you to Thrifty Vintage Chic, the bootcamp she is doing, her first post, and her second post.  Another should be up shortly.  I know that there can be some jokes, and even some derision on occasion, about people who sign up for these type activities.  I found it interesting, and even impressive, that she had decided to do it because she wanted to push herself and her recovery on as many levels as possible as hard as possible (noting that this is just one part of that).  That she also wanted to try to find a way to make it help the troops as well, so that it is not just all about her, well, that says a lot too, now doesn't it. I hope you will join me in encouraging her, and maybe even spread the word about what she is doing.

And just so you know, she's set a very ambitious goal:  she wants to raise $16,500, so that both a European event and a DC-area barbecue are funded.