30,000 troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan
Pentagon prowler linked to previous shootings

Obama to give Re-Election speech on A-Stan tonight

President Obama will announce his plan for re-election/withdrawal from Afghanistan tonight. Our Ditherer in Chief has only one true strength and that is self promotion so the chance to get back to his real job as campaigner in Chief making false promises is a welcome relief for him. All that governing and leading from the rear really cuts into a guy's weekly golf outings, or doesn't. If anyone wondered just how much of a political tool O is, then simply note the fact that his self-fulfilling prophecy on Afghanistan will come to its pre-determined conclusion tonight.

When he ended the Great Dithering of 2009 by announcing a simultaneous surge/cut and run strategy in 2009, I was at a journalism fellowship w/ our own Grim and several dozen reporters. I literally fell on the floor when he announced to the world and especially our enemies that we would be sending some more troops, but that they had return tickets for July 2011. A more stunning example of strategic naivete would be hard to imagine. When fighting an enemy that thinks in centuries and millenniums, announcing that you only have the vision and fortitude to manage a year and a half to oppose them is nearly criminal.

Afghanistan and the larger war against Islamist extremists is one we are quite poorly suited to fight. They have a long war mentality and know this is a clash of civilizations; we are wondering whether there will be parking at the mall. Obama has dim-wittingly reinforced every weakness that al Qaeda and the rest have properly stated about us; we don't have the will or intestinal fortitude as a nation to fight them as they do to fight us. They don't have to beat us to win; they simply have to outlast us (language note and check. Did I just use three semi-colons in a row properly?). They have now done so for the second time in Afghanistan.

They were slaughtered in the thousands by the Soviets, and yet they simply cringed away, licked their wounds and returned. They were toppled by us in one of the most amazing uses of Special Operations force multiplication in 2001, and yet they simply cringed away, licked their wounds and returned. Now we have again dealt them crippling blows and even finally killed their head goat-raper, does anyone doubt they will again cringe away, lick their wounds and return? Who will stop them, the kleptocracy of the Karzais, the Afghan Security forces, the international community? Hell no!

We will have sent our troops there to make sure that Barack Obama didn't look weak on foreign policy and he will sound the cut and run so that his base does not attack his flank during his path to re-coronation. What a disgrace. If we had left in 2002, we could have claimed a victory and then proclaimed that we will bomb the living hell out of any Islamist bastards who pop their heads up. We didn't and in staying we planted a flag in the ground. now Obama will announce the casing of our colors and will cede the battlefield to those we purported to fight. Well we did fight them and killed them in bunches, but that was a tactical victory for the prowess of American fighters. This battle in the greater war? That we will watch al Qaeda and their allies claim for a win.

Sadly Obama has made my warning in this video from just after his inauguration come true. He had no intention of fighting to victory, only covering his political ass. He needs to go, and the election next year can't come soon enough.