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Obama team clueless on captured terrorists

I guess I could have finished that headline after the word clueless and been accurate, but I try to stick to each example of the complete ineptitude, incompetence and complete fecklessness of our President and his clown car of advisers. We should perhaps simply be thankful that O is going to stop listening to the muppets running around the West Wing and simply follow his own towering intellect. Somehow the fact that we will be trading incoherent incompetence for coherent, or at least single-minded, incompetence doesn't comfort me much. Woo, it is tough to even get to the lead of this rant on one of the the multiple complete goat screws perpetrated by these guys this guy. Anyhow.

We have no plan for what to do with captured terrorists, so we are simply scarfing them up, sending them to the nearest navy boat, feeding and watering them, asking them to fill out a questionnaire about their terrorist connections, phoning the White House to see if they have found the clue bag yet, trying not to beat our heads against a bulkhead when the reply is "What color is it?", and then letting the rat bastards go.

Seriously. Don't believe me? Listen to ADM McRaven, shop steward of Pipehitters Union #69.

In response to senators’ questions, McRaven said that “in many cases” suspects captured in secret operations by Navy SEALs or the Army’s Delta Force are taken to a U.S. Navy ship until they can be tried in a U.S. court or transferred to the custody of an allied country. But if neither option turns out to be feasible, the prisoner is ultimately let go, he said.

“If we can’t do either one of those, then we will release that individual,” McRaven said in response to a question from Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.). “I mean, that becomes the unenviable option, but it is an option.”

I will spare you the profanity-laced tirade I just treated my computer to after reading that. But FFS, For the Sake of F-ing F! Really? Really? Really?

Anyone wonder whether the number they have to call rings in Eric Holder's office? I mean he is the head of the try-'em-in-federal-court cabal. Plus he seems like the type of loser scared to actually make a decision so he will just "take it under advisement" and then get back to hiding under his desk from questions about how many people have been killed by the Gunwalker debacle.

It is not like we are going to get any definitve answers from his mentor the Ditherer in Chief so that pretty much means our special operators are wasting their damn time and risking their lives for nothing. We cannot interrogate anyone in any serious way, we can't stick them in a dark hole, we can't try them, we can't, we can't, we can't. We should not conduct another raid period, too damn dangerous for the results we are now stuck with. Drones, Hellfires, nobody at risk, air-conditioned, unpersonal, targeted killing. I guess I should be happy that is still an option. Sad comfort though.