Al Qaeda websites hacked
Obama's next counterterror chief a lawyer

Obama shows commanding presence in press conference

Oh my Lawdy Lawd, you have got to be kidding me. The adjunct Obama press team, in this case the WaPo, is spinning at the speed of light trying to pull Obama up from his "leadership" position in the rear.

Using the grand backdrop of an East Room news conference, Obama clearly had a mission Wednesday: to reassert a commanding presence on the economic and foreign policy issues that are defining his presidency — and could determine whether he wins reelection.

Obama may have had a mission, in his and his handler's minds,to reassert a commanding presence but to reassert that you first have to have ever had one. He simply never has, and I can't imagine him ever commanding or leading in any way. He has shown absolutely no inclination or ability to do so. He let Pelosi and Reid do all the heavy lifting on the payout to unions and Democrat constituencies Stimulus and socialized medicine lite ObamaCare. He dithered for 6 months or so before announcing a surgelet of 30k troops far short of the 60-80k the military leadership said was needed, and he immediately hedged his bet buy announcing their cut & run withdrawal in the same speech. I guess you could say he led when he announced his actual withdrawal plan that ignored (again) the advice of the military, but in reality that is just him following the political winds.

So spare me any attempts to brand the Gutsy Call Guy Ditherer in Chief as a commanding leader. That dog won't hunt, matter of fact he is in the rear sniffing butts.