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Celebrating Independence Day By Doing


This is going to be a very busy weekend for a number of people, and you may have the chance to join in.  Standing for the Fallen, the Marine Corps League, and Cooking with the Troops are working together to make this a very special Independence Day

On Saturday July 2, Cooking with the Troops will be at the Old Navy store in Tippecanone Mall as part of Old Navy's annual effort for care packages for the troops.  There will be others there as well, and if in the area you should drop by between 10 and 4 to have fun, learn, and do. Part of what we will be doing there is promoting what is going to happen on July 4.

On Monday July 4, Standing for the Fallen, supported by the Marine Corps League and Cooking with the Troops, will be doing two Standing events.  One, done by Standing with the Fallen founder Mark Dolfini, will be in Washington DC from 10-midnight in the park by the Mall, directly behind the Holocaust Museum.  The second, will be from 10-5 at the corner of Creasy Lane and State Route 26 in Lafayette, IN.  The money raised goes towards supporting Soldiers' Angels Germany and our wounded troops there, and donations of new clothes and items listed here are most welcome. 


And, you may remember the blogger I mentioned who was doing a SEAL-style PT bootcamp to raise funds for Cooking with the Troops.  I am pleased to report that Thrifty Vintage Chic not only made it through the course (see above) but she also has raised enough to fund a DC-area barbecue and is now hard at work on raising an additional $15,000.00 to fund a European event.  You really do need to read her posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  To answer a likely question:  yes, CwtT does have coins, and she was indeed the first civilian and only the second person to be coined.  We will be following tradition and have a criteria for who can be coined, and will be keeping a list of those coined and why they were coined.  Short version of who can get one:  wounded interested in food careers and or demonstrate dedication, and those who donate $1,000 or more and/or provide equivalent service. 

May your 4th be fun, safe and good!  May we all remember the meaning of the day, and remember those who struggled and died for our independence; and, may we remember those who continue to do so for Liberty and Freedom.