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Killing Osama: The Cartoon

WhyGlesias proves he is dumb as a box of rocks

Of all the juicebox mafiosos (young left wing butthead pundits) none is more certain of his ability to opine on topics he doesn't know a damn thing about than Matthew Yglesias.

I don’t want to pose as an expert on Pakistani geography, but surely the fact that Osama bin Laden turns out to have been hiding out in a walled compound near a city thirty miles up the road from Islamabad featuring a professional cricket team, a field hockey stadium, and a medical school ought to prompt us to reconsider the obsession with the idea of “terrorist safe havens.”

Listen you over-educated, under common-sensed chimp, the fact that one guy was in the big city, while thousands of jihadists live and train in the quite-completely-real, safe havens on the border hardly proves that "terrorist safe havens" are a myth. And as far as you posing as an expert on Pakistani geography, you pose on everything you write about. You are a pampered little punk who spent his time learning nothing in our best schools. Why anyone with the ability to see beyond the classic left wing talking points escapes me and most of the sentient beings on this planet. Pay attention, ask somebody you know who has a clue, or more properly STFU and let the adults talk about important things.

To add to the incandescent stupidity he has already displayed, he gives us this foolishness.

Osama Bin Laden’s Death Could Be a Great Time To Declare Victory In The “War On Terror”