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War Powers hypocrisy plus incompetence equals...

Another world class goat screw. Nick Gillespie at Reason lays out a double damning case on the Obama team's blatant flip flopping and lack of anything vaguely resembling a coherent policy.

Libertarians are known for stressing the inherent inefficiencies of governmental actions, because the sorts of feedback loops and information gathering that works in more distributed forms of decisionmaking (such as but not limited to markets) are either missing or heavily muted. That's important but it's something different.

What we're witnessing these days - and have been for at least a decade, especially when it comes to foreign policy - is something very different. It's extremely troubling incompetence fortified by institutional indifference and abdication of responsibility. Remember when U.S. (or "allied") troops toppled Saddam Hussein's governmnt in Iraq, exposing the absolute lack of post-invasion strategerizing on the part of George W. Bush's crack team of Ford administration retreads? That wasn't ineluctable inefficiency at work; that was brutal and destructive incompetency. And it proceeds apace in a new Hope-and-Change regime that can't pass budgets on time or seemingly do much of anything other than hit its mark for White House Easter Egg Hunts. When did Obama, who by his own word really digs getting congressional engagement, consultation, and support even for milk runs like bombing the bejeezus out of Libya, tell Congress that he was, you know, maybe thinking about doing something to Qaddafi? Two days after he started doing it. But it would all be fine, because, Obama said, our military commitment would be a matter of "days, not weeks."

I spent plenty of time, effort and pixels supporting the war effort in Iraq, but it is entirely fair to note that the plan for the post-invasion phase was mind-numbingly foolish. And yes that blame lies squarely at the feet of Donald Rumsfeld. I skipped meeting him when he was pimping his book at the recent Milblog conference and I think he has failed to properly accept the fact that his idea of a central government in a tribal and honor culture was beyond naive absent a tyrant like Saddam to  crush any dissent. That plus staffing the effort with a collection of country club wankers and the dumbass cousins of big Republican donors apporoaches criminality. And yes I am calling most of the folks who ran the immediate aftermath incompetent. If you happened to be one of them and don't think that describes you, then think of the two people on either side of you when you were there. Two of the three of you ought to have stayed home to entertain Buffy and Muffy and Tad.

Even worse is the blatantly, politically-driven use of force by Barry O and his even less competent team of right left-thinking losers. They hate the use of force unless it is needed to prop up their bosses accurate image as a dithering academic leading, well actually poll-reading, from the rear. So we have a mission Obama promised would take days not weeks, now entering its third month without the defining characteristic of a mission.....a freaking goal. We are bombing Libyan warships, its capital and trying to "accidentally" kill the damn tyrant we don't have the stones to publicly call out. All the while Syria slaughters its citizens, Iran builds away on the Islamic bomb and O rewards the Palestinians for forming a unity government that, apparently, still thinks those pesky Jooooos could use a bath in the sea.

WTF over? I am disgusted as a Libertarian Hawk. I can't imagine what it feels like to be a progressive weenie, thank God. But I have to believe that seeing Teleprompter Jesus show himself to be just another narcissistic, power-mad pol who cares only about his reelection has to burn like Hell. The naivete of the left is always sad to perceive and even more so when they are in power. When a Republican considers force they will gather in howling, gibbering mobs. I speak of Congress, including our current President as then a leading member of the cut and run chorus regarding Iraq. Now he, Hilly, F Jacques Kerry and the fools who make up his national security team try to reconcile the lefty politics that dominate their beings, with the realities of the crappiest planet I have ever lived on. How's that working out for you guys?

I believe that the War Powers Act is likely un-constitutional, but I believed that when Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and even Obama were President. That is a principled stance, you spineless political tools in the adminsitration today might want to step out on a limb and try it some time.

Crush did a good job on the failures to adhere to the War Powers Act here.