Secure Freedom Radio- Afghanistan edition
Son of an OBL whining about Daddy's demise

Wannabe flag burner at LSU watered down

We have teenagers helping in Afghanistan and now we have patriotic college students showing a punk what they thought of his antics. Free speech is a double-edged sword buddy.

Graduate communications student Benjamin Haas had earlier been given permission by the school to burn the flag. But because he lacked a local burn permit, he agreed instead to read a statement in an area of the university known as free speech alley.

As Haas read the statement, a crowd around him erupted into cheers and jeers, many shouting "Go to hell, hippie, go to hell."

"You had a lot of people on both sides of the debate getting into a lot of fights," said James Haralson, manager of Tiger TV, the university television station. "The students started yelling obscenities at him. People started throwing bottles at him."

Do I believe in mob rule? No. Do I believe that anything you say or do can be held against you in the court of public opinion? Hellz yeah! If he had actually been trying to burn a flag, the water balloons etc. would have been perfectly appropriate. In this case I think a better answer would have been to let the loser speak and then have a student veteran speak after him. But given the shout 'em down tactics of the left for so long, it is hard to hold the patriotism and enthusiasm of these students against them. Payback is a medevac.