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United Breaks Gina's Heart, Not Just Guitars

A quick bleg for Pin Ups for Vets.  For those of you who support Gina know, she went to Hawai'i to do some visits, take part in some things, and set the stage for more.  Well, that was the plan, at any rate.

Seems United managed to lose her suitcase with all her costumes and clothes.  The only one she checked, btw.  And this on a non-stop flight.  Trying to get anything out of United in terms of locating the missing luggage, much less going out and trying to buy new clothes and come up with something to replace the missing costumes, meant that things she had planned to do couldn't be done.  It meant visits that didn't go as planned.  It also means that the calendar shoots she has scheduled may now have to be cancelled. 

Since United has yet to step up in any real way - no info at ALL on where the luggage is and nothing being done to make it right -- I guess it is up to us.  Gina can replace her stuff, all it takes is money and time.  Time no one can help with.  Money, well, let's see about what can be done.  Go make a donation, buy a calendar, do something.  This trip may not have gone to plan, and the future events may now be in jeapardy, but let's see if we can do what United seems unable and/or unwilling to do -- make it right. Let 'em break guitars, it's what they are good at.  Let's not let them break Gina's heart, or that of the vets she visits and supports.


Oh, and United?  I don't think you have to worry about any business from Cooking with the Troops or Pin Ups for Vets in the near future.  Any other charities or groups care to join in?