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Talking torture w/ Alyona

I did a couple of segments on RT last night and the first was on the our heinous torture of innocent goat raper  terrorist scumbag Khalid "Sheik Sheik Sheik" Mohammed. The point she wanted to make was that he was not the first link in the chain that led to bin Laden's ventilation. First, of course I dispute that coercive interrogation is torture, and second.....of course it was what eventually led us to find bin Laden.

KSM refused all attempts to get any answers from him until he had been well and thoroughly washed about the nose and mouth. He then decided that daily waterboardings was not really how he wanted to spend his time, so he began cooperating. Now there are people who are trying, Alyona among them, to claim that since he didn't give up the info until after we stopped the nasal irrigation that it was simply normal methods that got the name of the fateful courier. Yeah, no. If he had wanted to give up the name he had plenty of chances prior to his coercion. He didn't, we did and voila a path leading to Abbotobad was located and followed. 

Also folks are making a lot of noise about Rumsfeld saying that KSM gave up the info via normal methods at Gitmo and that no one was waterboarded at Gitmo. They are spinning this as if it shows that coercion yielded nothing. Well they ought to pay attention to Rummy's actual words. KSM was not waterboarded at Gitmo, it was done overseas. And as I mentioned it was during normal techniques he gave up the info about the courier and other tidbits that helped us disrupt plots. But he only did so after we used the coercive techniques and anyone who believes that the thought of more waterboarding didn't motivate him to be helpful is deluding themselves. Anyhow, I think I safely made as much of that point as possible regardless of spin from the left. We got the info and we got the rat bastard. Bravo!

My favorite comment on the RT Youtube page so far is this:

I would water boarding that f***in' Hanson scumbag until he admits his paychecks come from the f***in' CFR or CIF***INGA.
I wish. If anyone from either the f***in' CFR or CIF***INGA would like to send me some satchels of cash, I will gladly provide a location for the drop.

The second segment is Happy Hour and focuses on much lighter topics than torture. We discuss Lindsay Lohan showing up for community service bra-less in a see through shirt, and I point out that the homeless can get a bowl of soup any time, but a chance to see Lindsay Lohan's lady friends....priceless.