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Son of an OBL whining about Daddy's demise

This is just rich.

OSAMA Bin Laden's son Omar was last night preparing to take the US to court over his dad's "criminal" death - using BRITISH lawyers, it is claimed.

In an apparent open letter from Omar published on an Islamist website he says that his father's burial at sea had humiliated his family.

The warlord's fourth oldest son apparently adds he and his brothers and sisters reserve the right to take legal action against the United States to "determine the true fate of our vanished father".

Wow! That takes some stones, I will give him that.

Dear Omar,

We would love to discuss this with you, please let us know where we can meet.


JSOC Pipehitters Union #69

What a clownasaurus. He is lucky that we follow the Judeo-Christian values that say the sins of the father are not visited upon the sons. If we followed the barbarism of his own religion, he would probably be hearing the sound of muffled chopper blades right before rough men did violence on him in the night.