Memorial Day 2011

Ranger UP Charity Day Benefits Soldiers' Angels!


Heads up!  Starting Friday at midnight until Monday at midnight, Chairty Weekend for Soldiers' Angels at Ranger Up.

Soldiers' Angels get TWENTY PERCENT OF ALL SALES ON ALL PRODUCTS!  So order up on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and help one of the best military charities out there!  Tell your friends!

You can pre-order this one.

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This one is AWESOME:

Ranger up 1 yhst-50863389838911_2157_25683858


Ranger up 2 yhst-50863389838911_2157_25771633
I love the GW quote on the back...

I particularly like this one:

Ranger up yhst-50863389838911_2160_74827352
And Ranger Up has some great Soldiers' Angels gear, too.