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Presidential candidates

Since I know you all are on pins and needles wondering who I will support, it's Herman Cain.

I have heard him speak enough times to know that he can mertilize the spineless, lead-from-the rear cakeboy who curently inhabits the White House in a debate. He is an accomplished businessman in a time of economic crisis, and he is black. Yep I said it, melanin matters if we are going to depose O. I would also hope he picks Michelle Bachman or another XXer as VP just to stick it to the Dems and give is the first, second female. Is that the best way to pick our leaders, well of course not, but I didn't design the system and this is what it takes to beat a quasi-socialist.

Cain would certainly be a hugely better President for America and it would be nice to hear some plain talk backed up by real world experience. As far as the other Republican possibles:

Daniels- Who? I'm looking at him and I can't see anything.

Pawlenty- Is he standing behind Daniels, I can't even see his shadow.

Palin- Love her as an American icon. Hate her as the most divisive candidate out there.

Gingrich- Tool who changes positions and morals like clothes

Romney- Qualified to be CEO of America, too fake seeming to sell to Tea Party

People are pushing Daniels and Pawlenty as guys who can balance the budget and do green eyeshade stuff. Yeah well they also have to be able to win the popularity contests that we call elections. The public isn't paying enough attention to understand the value they bring. The other three are incapable of getting enough independents to win.

Bachman, Ryan, Christie, Rubio......Yeah I wish but it doesn't look like any are running. Plus all are solid VP picks this time around. So let's order a giant round of Godfather pizzas for America and elect Herman Cain.