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Phelps Wannabes Try To Mar Michael Murphy DDG-112 Dedication

As most of you know, DDG-112, the USS Michael Murphy, was dedicated yesterday.  A ship named for a selfless warrior who made the ultimate sacrifice.  A time when his friends and family can see him honored and reflect upon their loss, that sacrifice, and a legion of virtues respresented in both acts. 

Well, a nice theory at any rate as a group of political three-year-olds having a temper tantrum managed to mar and disrupt this solemn event.  AW1 Tim does a good job with his post and photos, and I agree with him on their right to do so.  That said, anyone of any maturity with even a glimmer of respect or dedication to civil discourse would not do what they did.  Then again, they are not into civil discourse, but the overthrow of such.  I never thought I would say anything remotely approaching good about the Phelps clan, but at least they are in it to make money (via lawsuits, their stock-in-trade) while this group is simply about spoilage:  spoiling all they can for anyone they can for no good cause or reason.  If anyone can point out any significant difference between them and a three-year-old pitching a temper tantrum for attention, I would love to know what it is.  They loathe this country, and most of all, they loathe themselves, which leads them to insist that everyone be as miserable as they are.  Old fashioned terms boor, bore, poltroon, base-born, and such strongly apply. The deserve approbium and censure by all with any self-respect, much less not-so-common decency, and should be shunned for the societal rejects they are.

I had the opportunity to be with seven Medal of Honor recipients on Friday, and they showcased the words humility, respect, honor, and integrity.  They would no more think of acting as did this bunch of socially-arrested immature louts than they would have thought of appearing in pink tutus.  Michael Murphy was more than a fit addition to their company, and well worthy of the Medal of Honor awarded him posthumously. 

Rather than expound further on the myriad failings of the paragons of subintellectual virtueless operation, I will point you here, here, and here.  Also, Zero shares some thoughts at This Ain't Hell

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The more they try to detract, the more the spotlight will shine on Michael Murphy and the virtues his life represented.