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PERSEC Problem is Serious

Ever since the UBL mission, I have been communicating with a former BUD/S classmate and long time DevGru operator who just recently retired.  He has become increasingly concerned about the Personnel Security of not only the operators, but especially their families.  This guy was the most dangerous person that I had ever met when we were in training together and that was before he spent 15 years at DevGru.  When he writes me an email showing the level of concern that he has about this issue, I take notice of that. 

And then you run across this: "SEAL Spotting becomes a local sport."  Newsflash: Attempting to compromise the identity of a SOF operator is not a fucking sport.  In fact, in the case of DevGru guys, it is probably a crime ala Valerie Plame.  The reporter goes on to list several bars and restaurants and even a tattoo parlor where SEALs supposedly hang out.  Oh yeah and then there is the compelling paragraph about which comic book characters most closely resemble SEALs.  How did this story become a TMZ/Perez Hilton debacle?  Fred Kunkle of WaPo may think this is a cute diversion to run around VB and interview barmaids on the favorite drinks of the Navy SEALs, but this is putting people's lives in danger. 

This all started on Monday morning when the White House Press operation began leaking and answering questions that should have been dismissed.  According to Sec Def Gates, there was an "agreement" in the Situation Room on Sunday night that no operational details would be put out, including which unit was responsible.


Even Eliot Spitzer realizes that the political benefits to a sagging presidency were simply too important to ignore.  That "agreement" didn't even last long enough for Gates to crap out the chow he ate in the WH watching the mission.  So now, these operators get to continue their breakneck pace of deployments protecting our country while their wives and children get to add, "Will some crazy guy take a shot at me or my kid?" to their already long list of daily concerns.  Thanks, Barry.  I'm sure your campaign is important enough to subject the guy's families who just gave you your only foreign policy success to the ever grinding wheels of your bus.