"Only Idiots Signed Up"
Lawfare v. Warfare: Bin Laden family uses a little “Alinsky” on US and Obama

Obama the gutsy

If you think I am always too tough on Obama, well this ought to seal the deal for you.

There is a concerted effort underway by the Obama team and it's adjunct communications staff, i.e. the media, to use the bin Laden takedown as a hook to rebrand Obama as a gutsy leader making the tough calls. Pardon me while I pick myself up off the floor where I fell while laughing my ass off. Puh-freakin'-leaze!

Barry O is the antithesis of a gutsy leader. He is an overly-analytical, lead-from-behind, weak-kneed, spineless chicken and that is the kindest assessment I can make of his non-existent leadership skills. I have known leaders and there are some I would have followed into Hell wearing a gasoline soaked suit. I wouldn't follow Obama across the street to Starbucks, because he would pause in the middle of the street to consider whether we should consider Caribou Coffee and get us both flattened by a semi. The meme is that this singular bit of vicarious badassery immunizes O against the wholly justified notion that he is a dithering academic way over his head in any leadership role. Yeah, no! One attaboy does not erase a sad, serial record of Aw Shits.

When the stories started popping up with all the "Obama made the gutsiest call of any modern President" BS, I tried to just let it slide but FFS it has gotten to be a complete joke at this point. I even read that one of his toadies was claiming that O "insisted" that we go in with a force large enough to fight their way out of Pakistan. Does any sentient being actually buy that horse crap? Now I have already granted all the credit I am willing to give him for at least greenlighting the mission. He had six months to think about it and whatever caused the decision point, he made the right call. But there is a near zero chance that Obama was the one "insisting' on a force large enough to start a ground war with our "ally" Poh-kee-stahn. No Freakin' way. Somebody in uniform with a couple of tabs on his left shoulder would have been the one insisting that we send enough pipehitters to get back out if things go to hell. I was pleased we didn't send an FBI team with a warrant signed by Eric Holder. If you want to talk about a gutsy call, then why didn't we go all out to capture him and then interrogate him? Rich Lowry does a brilliant job of asking that question.

The press have been saying that this lays to rest the idea that Obama is the reincarnation of Jimmah Cahtah. Wrong, but not for the reason you think. O is equally the equal of Jimmah in dithering and waiting to be overtaken by events. But he makes Carter look like a piker when it comes to the attempt to turn this vibrant constitutional republic into a social democracy. That is the one area where I will grant O some cred for gutsy leadership. It takes huevos the size of ostrich eggs to ignore every sign sent by the American people and continue to shove more czars, more regulation, more central planning and more dismally-failing government intrusion into all of our lives.

 The left/media are scared that Barry is actually in jeopardy for 2012 and so they want to do the exact opposite of what they did for W, or his Daddy or any Republican for that matter, minimize any national security achievements and try to make the game about domestic issues. Their problem now is that Obama's first action was to borrow a trillion more dollars from the Chinese and then just piss it away in handouts to his union owners. The stimulus only stimulated the organs of inefficiency that strangle our economy. No jobs were created, and the ones that were saved were mostly administrators and bureaucrats, the ash and trash of our civil society. He helped a bunch of states avoid making the tough calls that spending way more than you take in require. Heck back on the leadership tip, he even outsourced that bit of political payback and pandering to the former (thank God) House Harridan Pelosi and the thin-lipped, milquetoast, cream-in-the-coffee, cadaver Reid. Gas is priced in Euro-seeming numbers, the credit agencies are threatening to downgrade our rating, and has anybody seen a "now hiring' sign anywhere other than McDonalds?

So here is the straight skinny lefties, O may slide into another term if none of the cool kid Republicans step up to take him on. But it will be for lack of a viable alternative, not because he has any accomplishments to hang his hat on. And as far as Obama the tough guy? Spare me.