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Murder Of A Marine?

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A bit sensationalistic, but a very valid question under the circumstances. 

Jonn starts the discussion of the death of Jose Guerena and details the problems he saw at the start.  Jose was a Marine, served two tours in Iraq, survived that, and came home to be killed by Sheriff Dupnik's (yes, that sheriff Dupnik) SWAT Team.  The sheriff's office has changed it's stories multiple times since, finally admitting that he had not fired and that more than 70 rounds were fired by them in response to an accidental discharge by one of their own officers.  

Operator Dan follows up with yet more.  Much more, and even more disturbing.  Having warrants and records sealed after the fact, claims of conspiracy that -- frankly -- reek, and more.  Let's not even get into keeping the ambulance at bay for more than an hour, despite eyewitness claims that Jose was still alive as his wife was dragged out. Given all, I would have to question any "evidence" found at the house at this point.

I join those in the comments and elsewhere who are pointing out the extreme lack of professionalism displayed from the start.  There is cause to question the intelligence (and lack of due dilligence in doing intelligence gathering) involved; the piss poor weapons handling by the doorframe shooter and the response to that shot that saw 70 plus rounds fired apparently without aim; and, the handling of the incident since.

Frankly, given the multiple story changes and efforts to control the story by what appear to be increasingly draconian (and desperate) means by Sheriff Dupnik's office and the questions raised, I think that a huge spotlight needs to be shined on this.  In point of fact, given the taint already on the Sheriff's office, I think an outside probe is needed.  Both state and federal probes (law, law enforcement, civil rights) are absolutely required.  Given all, I have no faith or confidence that an honest and accurate report will ever be obtained otherwise.  

I also agree with starting a fund for the family of this Marine. 

For more on why the raid and others like it are a very bad idea from the start, check out Jimbo's post from last year along with this report from Radley Balko.  Radley routinely covers this type of story and his writings on them are something anyone interested in liberty and good police work should read. 

If outside investigations find that he was up to something with drugs, I will acknowledge that here in a post.  My comments on the lack of professionalism, training, and related topics in regards the execution of the raid will stand, as the evidence to back those up is overwhelming.  Bring on outside investigations, and let justice be done.


UPDATE:  Apparently, the sheriff's department feels that Cpl. Guerena brought it on himself, and they are maintaining that they did this with lights, sirens, and knock -- despite previous reports and 911 tapes. Meantime, the family is bringing out new details as they respond saying he was acting in self defense. All of this is sparking some debate out there. As for me, this will not be dropped, and I reiterate my call for external investigations by the State of Arizona and the federal government, though I doubt much will come from Holder as Cpl.. Guerena wasn't "one of his people." 

UPDATE II:  The stonewalling continues and grows, but the story is starting to get out.  Instapundit has noticed.  Reason has noticed.  Neighbors are openly disputing the "official" version of events, and noting that SWAT apparently used the opportunity of their wild spray and pray to ransack other houses.  The horrifying 9-11 call from his wife can be heard here.  This Ain't Hell has posts here and here.  If anyone has the contact info for the Federal Attorney over that area, put it below and it will go up.  Meantime, courtesy of Dave O at This Ain't Hell, here is the contact info for Gov. Brewer:


The full mailing address is:
The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Telephone (602) 542-4331
In State Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883 (outside Maricopa County only)

More than likely her response will be that this is a legal matter and she can’t interfere, but the point is to get the Az AG to look in on the case. Judges love them some wrongful death suits.

That's a very good point, so pour it on politely, rationally, and as nicely as these circumstanced allow.  Appropriate contact for the feds would help too.  We need to keep shining a very bright light on this, so that a real investigation can take place and real justice be done.

UPDATE III:  There is more with stonewalling, spin, and now international exposure and questions.  This Ain't Hell has the goods here, here, here, and here.  I agree that the only way justice will be done, for anyone, is through a thorough outside investigation.  There is much more I could say, but no time for it; besides, This Ain't Hell has already pretty much said it all already.