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UPDATE Help LE Help A Family: Find A Murderer

UPDATE & BUMPED:  Your help is still VERY much needed.  News coverage is fading, so is blog coverage.  Law Enforcement needs your help.  Somewhere out there, there are people who have information that will help them find those who did this.  They may not realize what they know; they may not think what they know or saw important; and, in at least one case, they do know and are hiding. 

I am not going to be posting updates on the status of the investigation, as those can be counterproductive.  What I will say is that the investigation continues, and that the person or persons who did this should not feel safe, for they are hunted. 

The following is to a possible special reader:  Amanda was a friend of a friend, a tireless supporter of our troops and our veterans.  She and her children were one of us, and what you may not understand is that within this community, military and supporters, there is an ethic of looking after our own and not leaving anyone behind.  The media may forget and get distracted, but if you think Law Enforcement or our community will, you are mistaken.  No matter how long it takes, or how rough the road, justice will be done.  If local law enforcement needs anything, from skilled volunteers to access to special equipment or labs, there are those here who will make that happen.  Understand, there is very little we will not do to see you brought to justice.  So, as you try to hide, keep in mind that it is not just Law Enforcement after you and that you will be hounded relentlessly to the end of your days.  There is no where you can go, no place for you to sleep, no place to eat that is safe.  Think about it, and save yourself a lot of grief and turn yourself in. 

Ending this update with yet one more reason why this will NOT be dropped:  comments from the classmates of Guinevere and Texas


This morning, I am going to ask you for something, but not your money.  Amanda Prewett Doss and her children were murdered, and their house set on fire to cover the crime.  Her parents were burned going into the burning home to try to rescue them. 

Even if she were not one of ours, a tireless troop supporter and patriot who was friend to a very good friend of mine, this plea would be going out because of the heinous nature of the crime.  Law Enforcement needs your help. Her parents need your help.

Go listen to the plea for help given by Amanda's parents. 

Please spread the word about this.  We need to help them blanket the plea (and the story) in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  We need the plea to go nationwide, but blanketing those states is crucial.  A reward is offered, and that may help spur some. 

So, please:  post, write, send e-mails, heck, send smoke signals.  But please do all you can to help spread this story throughout the South.  Let's see if we can help generate the leads and information so urgently needed to bring a monster/monsters to justice. 

UDPATE:  Please spread the word.  There is not a lot new, but the reward has been increased.  The funerals were held this weekend, and burial is today.  Please do what you can, and keep the family and friends of Amanda and her children in your thoughts and prayers. Also, thanks to the LE who contacted off-line with a suggestion that was passed along.