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Army Ranger to be awarded the M.o.h.

Good On Hallmark/Not So Much

UPDATE:  While I think the apology was sincere, what has happened since is either gross stupidity or something much worse.  Quite a few commenters on the Maxine page make a rabid wolverine seem the epitome of calm refinement and sophistication (see SKK for a few examples).  To make matters worse, Hallmark began deleting honest questions and a number of pro-troop responses -- while letting some particularly vile comments against those who objected to the cartoon (and the troops) stand. 

While I do not hold comments against the blog where they are posted, I also do expect the blog in question to have some standards.  Even here, where we let a LOT of things stand, we have standards and will enforce them. I know no reputable site that does not have some moderation policy, and I have seen even the most open shut down threads and make posts calling out bad behavior. 

By deleting the comments they did, and letting stand some particularly nasty comments against those who complained, Hallmark took a stand.  This could have been a very teachable Hallmark moment.  They failed, miserably, and showed myself and others exactly how well they regard the troops, the fallen, and those who raise an objection.  Net result, Hallmark is out of my life.  Not sure if I still have a Gold Crown Card anywhere, but if I do, it is theirs.  I don't care at this point if they do make a donation to a good charity, they have lost all good will by their actions and inactions.  You can do as you like, but as for me, there are other options out there, and I will take them. 

Think you know what to do with the card Hallmark.


Oh, and Cassy let's them have it at Hot Air and over at her site. Like me, she gave them time to do the right thing, and when they didn't...



If you are familiar with Hallmark Cards, then you know Maxine.  In fact, you may know a Maxine or two in your life. 

Yesterday, Hallmark had Maxine uttering the line "Lot's of people don't have to work today. Which is why my motto is "Live every day like it's Memorial Day!" on the Maxine Facebook page. 

Needless to say, this sat poorly with quite a few people, from Gold Star Mom's to widows to more.  It created quite a little firestorm, and it was getting to be a much larger firestorm -- not helped by a number of comments against the complainers (and, sadly, more than a few that came across as anti-troop).  It took Hallmark a while, but they did get the message.  They apologized.

For me, the card and line hit really poorly, especially since I had just finished speaking at one Memorial Day event and remembring some of the people who are the true reason for the day.  Yet and still, I feel that Hallmark was sincere in their apology, and am going to let it go. 

Do I wish they would do more than just the apology?  Yep.  Do I wish they had extended it beyond Maxine's fans?  Yep, and in fact if they had been truly smart and on the bounce from a PR and Marketing standpoint, they would have.  That said, they did more and better than many larger firms that have stuck it in a live 220 socket. 

So, for me, apology accepted, though if they had done a bit better and more, I'd have given them some links.  Since I know they are trolling milblogs this morning acessing the peasant reaction, here's an offer:  make some cash donations to Team Rubicon, CwtT, WLF, and/or Soldiers' Angels, and I throw in a link to Hallmark.  From my viewpoint, it's the least you can do (pssst, and the smart thing from a PR/Marketing standpoint).