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Memorial Day 2011, Remarks I Hope To Make

For All Of Their Tomorrows....

They should be honored this holiday weekend....

Trijicon Military Wallpaper 

"Got any idea what it takes to be a soldier?"

"No," I admitted.

"Most people think that all it takes is two hands and two feet and a stupid mind.  Maybe so, for cannon fodder.  Possibly that was all the Julius Ceasar required.  But a private soldier today is a specialist so highly skilled that he would rate "master" in any other trade."

Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

I will throw out my usual plea for all to take some time out today for prayer and reflection on how the sacrifices of all veterans, from the Battle of Bunker Hill, to the daily firefights in Helmand and Kandahar really do affect our freedom.  I will be thinking about the men and women who make my "today" a free "today" between cocktails and bratwursts and the families that are celebrating without them today. 

And I will never be able to thank Earl, Larry, and Bernard enough for their sacrifice, but promise to think of you today, and everyday, when I think about what it takes and what I teach my son about what it takes to be free.  The cause of freedom and it's triumph over tyranny will never be in doubt because of men like you.