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Commander in Chief golfs away Memorial Day

POS! Yes he did go to the Tomb of the Unknowns, drop a wreath and then shake a few hands, but then he was straight off to Fort Belvoir for the 70th freaking round of his Presidency. You could fairly say his most significant accomplishment is sucking Hoover at golf more than any President in history.

The job of Commander in Chief is not fulfilled by checking a block on the one day a year we honor those all our Presidents, this loser included, have sent to war and who died. He showed supreme disrespect and a total misunderstanding of his responsibilties of a wartime leader. W gave up the game because he knew it was unseemly for the CinC to be playing around while the men and women he commands were fighting for their lives and good Americans lay in the ground after making the ultimate sacrifice. He is unworthy of the position.

There is no way to spin this so he does not lose any shred of decency he hasn't already pissed away. I anxiously await the correction from his online whinger, oh and did you happen to catch any of the mainstream media coverage of this disgrace? Hmmm neither did I.