Killing Osama: The Cartoon
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Burial at sea w/ according to Islamic custom

So we had some Muslim clerics take care of OBL's carcass before we fed it to the sharks. Why did we do that? I thought that bin Laden and the terrorists were not true Muslims and perverted the faith of Allah? I thought that we couldn't consider them Islamic terrorists for just that reason. So WTF are we treating his corpse like it deserves full Muslim honors? Makes no freakin sense and is simply another attempted ass-kissing, kow tow by Obama that will fail to win us any credit. Either bin Laden was a true Muslim and deserves to be treated as such, or he isn't. If he is then he and his fellow scum represent Islam and we should hold all Muslims responsible for the acts of their co-religionists.

I would have preferred his body to lie in state on the National Mall for a few days to allow all Americans to come by and spit on the dirty bastard. The we could have had a national bonfire of reconciliation around his flaming ass. I can only hope that the SEALs who killed him washed his body in accordance w/ Pipehitter Union 69's bodily fluids policies.