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Biggest laugh of the year- Obama SEAL action figure

OK this is just so pitiful that I can't even get mad about it.

ObamaSEAL_figurine After the excitement of hearing that President Obama orchestrated the strike and kill against Osama bin Laden, it didn't take long to put out an action figure of the Commander in Chief.

Oxford, Conn.-based toymaker Herobuilders, who last brought you action figures of the Old Spice Guy, Dos Equis Beer's "The Most Interesting Man in the World" and Allstate Insurance's "Mayhem," have created a super-bad SEAL Team Six replica of the 44th President in full urban fatigue gear, wearing a "Punisher" t-shirt with the numeral 6 printed on it, and carrying a military issue M4A1 rifle.

Bwaaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha! OMG this is just beautiful. How long does anyone think Barry "Cakeboy" Obama would last in BUDS? I think he would leave footprints on the backs of his classmates as he ran over them to ring the bell and get his coffee and doughnuts for quitting. Here is a more accurate model for the Obama action figure.

I do owe Barry an apology for the statement at the cakeboy link. He did act when Poh-kee-stahn wouldn't, but O the SEAL? Yeah, No! UPDATE: The Sniper has his usual caustically brilliant take on this farce.