Bin Laden takedown talk w/ Frank Gaffney
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Back to being a wuss - no OBL picture (update)

I honestly don't get this. Why in the world does Obama think that showing a photo of a dead OBL is akin to "spiking the football" and will only do harm, no good?

The apparent thinking is that showing such a picture will inflame the jihadists and have them seeking revenge?  Like flying into Pakistan, assaulting Osama’s house, killing him, his son and sundry others and dumping OBL in the ocean won’t?

Reuters, by the way, has released 9 photos of the aftermath of the raid, including shots of 3 bodies.  If you’re averse to blood and gore skip the last 3 photos.  One assumes these photos won’t inflame anyone … I guess.

Oh, and to make the argument that we wouldn’t like it if pictures of an American soldier killed by the crazies was published is just silly (not to mention the problem of comparing an American soldier to a murdering jihadist).  It is irrelevant.  The point is that without proof the myth of OBL lives, and one would think that the entire reason for going in and killing this larger than life (for the jihadist community) scumbag was to kill that myth.

Now, suddenly, we’re all about what is or isn’t appropriate.  I mean, we’re going to have a Senate hearing about whether it was “appropriate” to use the code name “Geronimo” for heaven sake!  A freakin’ Senate hearing.  Their first reaction after our warriors carried out this incredible mission.


Just when I thought we were getting our feet back under us, the political wusses reemerge.

Sure didn’t take long, did it?

UPDATE: More wussification – this time in Germany.