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The McChrystal Report

The Inspector General report on GEN (now retired) Stanely McChrystal is out.  You can read it here.

There might have been a different outcome in his *cough* retirement status if the Obama administration had waited for the report, rather than fire the guy based on a report from a Rolling Stone pop culture hipster with background from another "independent" reporter and out of focus photographer with an axe to grind.

Of course, now they have to make it up to him by having him work with the First Lady...yeah, nice.

From :

...Monday’s DoD report isn’t first time the Pentagon has officially contradicted a Hastings story. When he wrote his profile of Gen. David Petraeus earlier this year, which portrayed Afghanistan as a chaotic lost cause where villains and scoundrels are waiting to take over, Hastings described a “draft report” that called for ending the war by splitting Afghanistan into sections run by local warlords. “Sources close to Gates say he reacted ‘positively’ to the plan,” Hastings wrote. But Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan, who also said he was the “Pentagon spokesman” quoted in Hastings story, said he knew of no such report and had recommended Hastings not include that detail because no one in DoD could confirm it...

We've posted some of USMC Colonel Dave Lapan's responses before...primarily because he's a Marine first, PAO second.  We (the authors here) know him.  I'd take his word over Michael Hasting's drivel in a nano-second.