Defense of our common defense
The Marines Have Won. No One Wants To Fight Them Anymore.

The crystal clarity of our Middle Eastern policy

Syria has rolled tanks and is continuing the longstanding Assad family tradition of killing anyone who questions their Authoritah. Out Authoritah in Chief is mulling over some extremely bold moves to counter this wholesale slaughter.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House says it's considering sanctions against the Syrian government in response to the brutal crackdowns on protesters there.

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a dictator like the consideration of sanctions. If we get really mad we will serve them domestic champagne at the next soiree. Not to point out the glaring hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of the riddle wrapped in an enigmatic fortune cookie that is our policy for the Middle East, but WTF?

Well I can pull one common thread out of the dog's breakfast; it is better to be an avowed enemy and destabilizing factor than any friend of the US predating the reign of the Obama. O disavows our previous alliances and tosses them under the bus with his past alliances like Jeremiah Wright & Bill Ayers. In the new age, a chastened and humiliated humble America will gladly pay the freight, row the boat, provide the muscle, build the machines and simply wait for our enlightened betters in the international community to decide where to use our blood and treasure.

Syria has been one the main facilitators of foreign jihadi infitration to Iraq where they killed hundreds of American troops. They housed, fed, equipped and transported thousands of these suicide cultists and now that their ringleader is in jeopardy the best we can do is think about stopping imports of Vidalia onions and Omaha steaks? BS, Gaddafi was nothing in comparison to Syria and their sponsor Iran. But who's asses are we kissing? Obama sends love letters and holiday greetings addressed to the theocratic tyrants who run Iran and expands diplomatic relations with Syria.

So if you kill US troops and spread terrorism and extremism, you get outreach. If you are a loyal US ally for decades like Mubarak , you get ignored. If you are a deranged, old drag queen trying to hold it together for one more ABBA revival, you get a no fly zone upgraded to an Op Ed threat backed up by a couple of dozen Brit and French Spec Ops guys on the ground. Oh and if you are our best and oldest ally in the region Israel, how is the undercarriage of that bus looking?

Yeah, makes perfect sense to me.