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Indiana Representative Comparing Going AWOL to Going to Afghanistan?

Our barbarian allies kill UN workers in Kabul

Horrible, and yet so utterly f-ing predictable. Idiot burns Koran (I support his right to do so) and the raging mobs storm right out of the mosques and into a bloody, murderous religious cleansing. Feel better now you sub-human swine?

The incident began when thousands of protesters poured out of the Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif after Friday prayers and attacked the nearby headquarters of the United Nations, according to Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, spokesman for Gen. Daoud Daoud, the Afghan National Police commander for northern Afghanistan.

After disarming or shooting the United Nations compound’s guards, the crowd surged inside. Mr. Ahmadzai said that eight of the foreign staff workers, whose nationalities were not known immediately, were killed by gunfire, and that two others were captured by the mob and beheaded. Other reports said that the operations center was burned down as well.

I find it harder every day to defend any efforts on behalf of the Afghans, but this is exactly the kind of incident that should allow all decent people to point out one thing. There are those who believe that their religion supersedes all earthly existence. They are willing to kill you if you simply disagree with them, and they claim the right to be free from offense by everyone else on the planet. They are not a simple minority hiding on the fringes of Muslim society. They are running the mosques, they are indoctrinating their flock, they are inculcating hatred, racism, xenophobia and they are directly inciting murderous violence.

Their demand is simple.......Submit. We can either do so, or we need to resist. I reject the right of anyone to claim they can choose to limit my freedoms based on their personal religious beliefs. That should be the default stance for humanity. That means we cannot allow the UN and others to take this terrorist attack on the freedoms of all people, and use it to submit on our behalf.

F**ing animals!