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More help from our friends the Pakistanis

This ought to make prosecuting the war in Afghanistan that much easier once the safe havens in Pakistan are reestablished.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan  has demanded that the United States steeply reduce the number of Central Intelligence Agency operatives and Special Operations forces working in Pakistan, and that it halt C.I.A. drone strikes aimed at militants in northwest Pakistan. The request was a sign of the near collapse of cooperation between the two testy allies.

Without these folks generating intel, target lists and disrupting the border areas, the Taliban will be able to recruit, refit and retrain. That is anathema to our efforts. We are looking at a horror story in the making. If the Pakistanis decide that fighting the Islamists with us is no longer in their interests, then not only is Afghanistan toast but their nukes suddenly become that much more dangerous.

Somebody help me out with some good A-Stan news, is there any?


Taliban reoccupy former US outpost in Kunar

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NY Times:

White House assails Pakistan efforts against militias

Good news anyone? Bueller?