Our barbarian allies kill UN workers in Kabul
CAPT Lew Diley, USN (Ret)

Indiana Representative Comparing Going AWOL to Going to Afghanistan?


As some of you may know, Democrat party representatives in Indiana also fled the state to Illinois to put a stop to the legislative session.  They have just come back, and here is someone I think you should know:  69th District representative Dave Cheatham. 

Listen to him.  He says the words are from another, but what he is doing is equating his fleeing to Illinois to stop the legislative session to service in Afghanistan.  Let's see:  room service, maid service, beds, heat and air, three hots (or more) a day, wifi (most likely), phone, and cell phone service in one case; and in the other beds iffy, no maids but plenty of IEDs and other attacks, not even any hots for some of those out on the sharp end, limited phone, limited internet, and... 

I haven't been posting a lot of late because I've discovered that heading a non-profit means I'm not supposed to voice an opinion any more; but, I can not and will not stay silent in this case.  This intellectually vacant and morally bankrupt "public servant" dares compare what he did to honorable service in the face of grave danger -- the threat of real and permanent injury, as well as death. 

You, sirrah, are despicable.  How dare you equate an adult temper tantrum with real service with real risks and damn few rewards.  Your words and attempt to claim that mantle is contemptible, and deserves the fullest censure by all who are men, be they male or female.  You should give thanks that words are all I have, for were the powers granted to me I would dearly love to snap my fingers and transport your worthless fat behind to Afghanistan, and let you compare what they are experiencing to your strenuous sojurn in Illinois.  I would challenge you to go with me, but given that you have clearly shown exactly what you are I know that you would not go.  I strongly suspect you would "unman" yourself, as it used to be phrased, if you were to find yourself there. 

See for yourself this paragon of virtue and sacrifice in the service of the public.  Tremble at the horrors he has endured in your behalf.  Marvel at the miracle that makes running away and refusing to come out of your room the equivalent of running towards the enemy. Feh.